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Immersion in the Dubai desert

This stay is centered on the discovery of the Desert, you will be able to live different incredible and unforgettable experiences around the theme of the desert of Dubai.

Your hotel :

Nestled in the middle of the dunes, your hotel remains the best choice in the world for dream getaways in the desert. This oasis of tranquility combines rustic charm with high-level hospitality and luxury to bring an authentic desert experience to life.

Activities :

Hot Air Balloon Flight: Enjoy a flight over the Dubai desert, admire a breathtaking sunrise and spot native wildlife in the dunes below. Treat yourself to a gourmet breakfast after a walk in the desert.

Quad and Safari in the desert: Come experience thrills aboard a 4x4 in the dunes of the Dubai desert then enjoy a quad ride before joining a Bedouin camp where you can dine and admire a show of dancer from the belly, fire-eater and tanoura.